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VW Festival 2023 - 13th August - Club G40 stand photos


We had a small Club G40 stand at VW Festival Sunday just gone, 13th August.

We only ended up with 2 cars on it, mine and Dom's mk2 conversion. Paul B was in the show too but went in the show & shine.

Anyway, it was a great show, here are some photos.

Here's a link to all my photos:

If nothing else I suggest you look at this video of a Polo saloon/classic grass tracking car with a V8 engine in it being revved:

I saw this on Facebook the other week being mapped at John Sleath Race Cars and then it turned up at VW Fest! Won the people's choice award. Had a chat with the owner, he says he will bring it back when it's been raced a few times and it's all smashed up and covered in mud  ;D ;D ;D


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