Author Topic: polo g 40 power increes? (help me please im new and sceard to brake my car)  (Read 510 times)

hi iv just bought a g40 (dream car had a 1L coupe when i was 15 for fun) and i was looking into incresing the power (around 150 so its faster then a mates golf) without having to go into the engine further then changing the cam as i dont really have the faciltys to do anything more really and i stumbeld across a tuning kit and i was wondering what you think off it.

so thats it but as the tile says im terified of the engine going bang as im a pack of crisps off broke any help would be grate

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First and most important thing is your supercharger. Has it been serviced within the last few years? If not, get that done (or do it yourself). They're prone to failure when not serviced and can basically destroy itself if it fails seriously.

You can get your charger ported to flow more air whilst being serviced.

You can put a smaller pulley on the charger to make it spin up faster so you have more boost, sooner.

You can also change the belt type that's used to driver the charger. The standard set up is twin vee belts. You can get 7pk ribbed belt conversions or (my preference) a toothed belt (cambelt) that reduces or removes belt slip, where the belt slackens off and doesn't drive the charger properly (same as a slack "fan belt" squeeling on the alternator/power steering on other cars).

I'd stick a cone filter on there (don't put a foam filter in there, it can degrade and fibres get into the charger). The performance gain is debatable but it sounds better and feels more responsive to me.

I'd do all that/ a combination of that and it'll be quite a lot more responsive and pokey.

Injectors run out of puff circa 160bhp, can't say I remember many people praising the use of a cam but could be wrong. Have a search on here, I think they only tend to be fitted when the car is being mapped as it'll alter timing and so on.

Exhaust manifold is another popular mod. I've been looking for about a year and can't find any, don't get the cheap shit eBay ones, they don't fit and the one by fk (search my username, I think I reviewed one on here) and so on is awful and will break before long. I had one and it was utter dogshit.

thanks mate thas really usefull