Author Topic: Sold - g40 (with GT engine) and lots of parts for sale.  (Read 671 times)

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Sold - g40 (with GT engine) and lots of parts for sale.
« on: March 06, 2021, 12:13:11 pm »
The old G40 and all the bits Now need to go...

the car has been stood now for a long time (6 years) and had to spend some time outside so the shell is not in great shape.. anyway see the details below. 

its a 1991 G40 in tornado red (pink) (its an original G40 but logbook just says polo Coupe, ive had it since 2003 ish and it had bee sting aerial then and has larger hole through firewall than GT etc). 
done 190K 
mostly standard G40, standard G40 interior/seats, front seats are in good condtion rear bench top is a bit faded and has astarted to split at the stitching.

GT ENGINE. (this engine/box has done about 175K)
borbet T wheels with 195/45 r15 tyres (very old now so need replacing)
chassis has been stitched and seam welded all round engine bay (with plates welded in the corners of the chassis legs to beef things up)
has custom gauge pod with 'boost' and oil pressure autometer guages fitted.
alternator not charging, i have started it up now and again and it always starts up first time... (no battery on the car as it was very dead)

then there's the bits;
PSD uprated driveshaft (the long one) never used. 
g40 supercharger bracket
ported GT inlet manifold
G40 ECU (not sure what chip but its not standard)
PSD 1341 G40 cam
engine internals crank rods etc
2 engine blocks, one which was 1341 which will need another bore.... (long story)
one standard block (1272) which could be bored out to 1341 (or whatever) (has some scoring so needs to be bored out).
loads of bottom end seals nuts bolts etc (new in original packaging)
standard G40 inlet and exhaust manifolds
rear shelf (complete with both rubber chords in good condition)
STD G40 intercooler
Unused landrover defender intercooler (big and fits between chassis legs 'just')
various G40 boost pipes (more or less all of them i think)
G40 steering wheel in good condition (not loose if you know what i mean)
1 G40 head (no cam) needs to be rebuilt (was planning new valves etc)
1 GT head ( also has no cam) bought this with valves missing, but casting is good..
g40 rocker cover
audi s2 callipers, need some work to get them back in shape. 

also i have boxes and boxes of spares from a mk3 polo i broke, mainly general MK 3 polo stuff like lights, seatbelts, trim bits, clips, screen wash bottle, air vents, dash switches, winding handles etc

I don't have a lot of time (or space) these days (or i'd have built it back up as i had planned) so i'm looking to get rid as a job lot for £500.  if no-one wants to take the lot either to do a rebuild as a project or has time to sell on the bits (for a profit) then i'll have to start selling bits off separately and break the car up etc.  i'll give it a month or so to see what's what. 

i'm based in llanelli south wales, PM for more info, i'll provide photos on request.  I have so much stuff here a conversation would probably be easiest :)


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Re: g40 (with GT engine) and lots of parts for sale.
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2021, 02:04:24 pm »
Hi Gav. I'm interested. Will PM you now.