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(Currently not for sale for time being)
Hi All I am Looking At Selling My High Spec Polo G40 which has been Been Fitted into A Genuine GT Shell

Please read Whole ad For full Details

Spec Is As Follows

-1308cc Oversize PY Engine Rebuild Carried out by Andy Boakes Who Raced the Cup Cars
-Stage 1 Flowed Cylinder head By Racepower Motorsport
- Flat web Crank with Cup Car Baffle Plate
- Steel Headgasket & ARP Bolts
- GT Inlet Manifold
- De Wedged Throttle Body
- Boost Return Delete
- R1 Supercharger ( Which had a rebuild Recently)
- Jabba Sport Induction Kit with shield
- Machine Tooth Belt
- PSD Tooth pulleys
- PSD Specific Camshaft
- PSD Custom Remap
- Uprated Intercooler and Pipework Silicon Hoses
- Stainless Steel 4 Branch Manifold
- Jetex Exhaust System
- Paddle Clutch
- Larger Intercooler
- Mocal Thermostatic Oil Cooler
- Mocal Catch Can


- Stage 3 Fully Adjustable Subframe ( Excellent Mod transforms the Car)
- Polly Bushed Arms
- Adjustable Coilovers
- EBC Fast Road Grooed Discs & Pads
- 22mm brake master cylinder
- G40 Front Brakes & Rear Beam with ARB
- 14” BBS Ra’s Powdercoated White
- Rear Strut Brace


- Red Leather Corrado Front Seat with Matching Door Cards
- G40 Black Headlining
- Sliding Sunroof ( works and doesn’t Leak)
- Raid  Steering Wheel
- Original G40 Clocks 160mph

Bit About the Car

This is a Genuine GT Shell that has been converted when an Immaculate 90k Mileage G40 got driven into by a DHL Truck ,
The GT Shell Had done 129k Backed up by MOT History , Shell in in good condition underneath .
The Battery Box Carrier has been Cut out and Plate Welded and sealed a very common issue on the MK2F
Engine Work was Rebuilt and Carried out by Andy Boakes

The Vehicle has had a New Cambelt
Rear Brakes Cleaned & Adjusted
Full Brake Fluid Changed when the uprated 22mm Master Cylinder was fitted.
4x New Tyres
Hoffman 4 wheel Alignment Carried out
New Battery Fitted
New Fuel Tank Fitted another Common Issue on these!
Lambda Sensor Changed
New Radiator Fitted Recently

The Car pulls Very very Well! and Puts a Smile on your Face :)
The Stage 3 Subframe makes Car a lot stiffer and Responsive and handle like a Go Cart!

The Car Is 29 years Old So its not Immaculate but with a little work it Can Be .

* I Am also Including in the Sale a Good Condition ATV Box with a LSD Fitted , Which has not been used since LSD has been fitted the Gearbox Place changed a Couple of bearings in the ATV and said the rest of the Internals are in good condition Have Receipt Of This Work Cost £1100 !
Also have the Orginal Diff Too

Also Have a Whole Box Full of Spares , Alternator, Trims , Spare Toothed Pulley Headlights , Coil packs , New Supercharger Feed Pipe, trims , Grill , Washer bottle , MDF Parcel Shelf carpeted ,  Relays And Much more
Also a Complete Original G40 Interior ,
SuperCharger Flange as i was going to add a 2nd Inlet
Set Of Working G40 Injectors
DAB Bee Sting Aerial
Set of 5 Yokohama 45 profile 14” Spare Tyres
Spare New machine Toothed Belt

All Included in the Sale

I have Receipts For Most of the Work Carried out and Original booklets 

I have Probably missed stuff but will update as I remember.

Looking For £4500 as it is Everything Mentioned.

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