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Radio-CD Player Wiring Loom
« on: August 23, 2019, 04:56:43 pm »
Hello Hayesey,
                      Going way back to your reply to Bushy G40 regarding Haynes Wiring Diagrams and chopped off Radio Plugs dated
                      The 3/12/2012.
                                              I have the same problem on my 1993 L reg G. My wiring colours do not match all of the Haynes ones
                      In particular the plug in loom for the Fog Lights, Heated Rear Window, Cigar Lighter, and the Radio. Apparently V W
                      Produced many variations of this particular loom depending on what type of Radio they fitted in the various Polo models.
                      My Loom has no Green/Brown colour coded Instrument wire fitted at all as shown in the Haynes, but the Illumination
                      and the Speaker wires on mine are the same colours as shown in the Haynes, mine has a Blue/White wire, what its for
                      or where it goes to i do not know?  The Female ISO connecting plug on my new Radio/CD Player has two plug in points
                      one for the 8 Speaker wires and one for the 5 supply wires. Yellow Battery,Red Ignition, Black Earth, Orange/White
                      illumination, Blue/White Antenna Power.The ISO Male plug i bought has the following 5 supply wires
                      Yellow Battery, Black Earth, Red Ignition, Orange Illumination, Blue, Antenna Power. The chopped 5 power supply wires
                      on my G Loom are Red/Brown Ignition, Red Battery, Brown Earth, Blue/Grey Illumination, and the Blue/White one?
                      I noticed on my G loom that the Battery power Red wire is taken from the Cigar Lighter plug? not shown in Haynes.
                      I had to remove the Facia Panel for access to other wiring problems apart from the Radio/Cd Player. Removal of the
                      troublesome Toad Alarm System[That was Fun] and checking out the Electric Windows Switches and wiring and the
                      electric Sunroof switch and wiring. And I must say what great joy and pleasure it was in removing the Facia Panel.
                      Drilling out the Steering Column Sheer Bolt,lovely access! hidden behind the Steering Column tubular steel bracket,
                      plus the fun of removing the Steering Lock and the Splined adaptor which needs a good Puller, no monkey metal ones
                      I was surprised at the amount of the wiring loom protective foam rubber covering that had turned to mush and dust.

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Re: Radio-CD Player Wiring Loom
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2024, 03:49:02 pm »
I'm a bit late to reply to this!
But the blue/white wire is "speed signal for automatic volume control".  It's not needed, but if wanted you can connect it to pin 1 on the power/illumination radio DIN plug