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Boosting rpm
« on: April 13, 2021, 02:34:10 pm »
This is my second G40 I’ve owned (well I own two but that’s another story) and I’ve got a vacuum/boost gauge fitted to this one (not had one before) and it shows vacuum until about 3k rpm then it starts to boost to around 12psi (not gone above 4K or so for now).  As soon as I lift off the throttle the gauge shows 0 which is what I would expect.   I haven’t really given the car any beans because I’m trying to solve an issue with the temperature sensor not going above basically cold at the moment (shorted gauge, was fine, and replaced both sensors with genuine VW and still no joy so working through that problem - not losing coolant but system doesn’t seem to build up pressure)

Running toothed belts, 65mm pulley, 51mm TB and ported inlet manifold.   Car just feels a little sluggish although it does liven up above 3k but was thinking maybe have a boost leak somewhere? but one of you more knowledgeable types might say boosting from 3k on is right or maybe it’s the ecu restricting something due to seeing the car running cold?