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Wing mirror glass (flat)
« on: November 26, 2020, 01:47:38 pm »
Does anyone know where to get replacement adhesive wing mirror glass from?
The ones from Summit (SRG104 for RHS, SRG105 for LHS) are both convex (I have checked with the manufacturer after receiving 2 SRG104s both convex)...
As far as I know (and on my car), the RHS mirror is flat - only the LHS is convex - so the Summit ones will not stick on the RHS very well.
Is there another make that anyone has found that is flat?

I have the proper VW part including backing plate on order, but wanted a temporary fix.

On a related point, has anyone managed to replace the wing mirror adjustor on the inside of the car? Its part of the wing mirror assembly per VW, but new mirrors are ridiculously expensive from VW (~£200) and the adjustor looks like it could be swapped (seems similar to mk2 golf - cheap to get) if you can swap the cables over....

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