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Rear axle replacement


Hi folks,

I am after a bit of help regarding the back axle.

Right my original one is rotten,
I have another to replace it with but its from a standard polo and doesn't have the torsion bar.

My questions are - does it make a big difference not having the torsion bar?
And has anyone removed the bar from the old axle and fitted it to a std one?

Any help would be appreciated

Not sure if its possible to retrofit the torsion bar onto a non G40 beam. I've got one sat outside ready to strip down so I'll have to sit them next to each other and check the differences. Not even sure if the bushes etc are still available.

They make quite a big difference. The meterial used in the rear axle is pretty thick.. Is it that rotten that it’s not useable and compromising the strength of it? If I was you I’d get it shot blasted and powder coated. I’m sure most of it is just flacky surface rust making it look worse than it is. Your other option is to retrofit a ARB like the golf guys do or if you removed the welds carefully from the bar on the G40 axle you could maybe remove it and drill the standard axle so you can fit and weld it in. But I’ve bever seen it done and it may not be as easy as that.

My original one is rotten where the Bush sits Ryan, the Bush is actually through the pipe part of the Bush housing. So it's goosed.

I have my old axel and a standard one side by side and the only difference is the torsion bar and a couple holes needed for the brake load sensor lever.

I have removed the weld round the torsion bar and got it out the old axle, I was just interested to see how big a difference having the bar in makes before I drill holes in the other axle.

Did you get sorted Gray? my G40 original from factory (or very close after) had a standard rear beam.
It not have the correct fully rebuilt torsion bar jobbie but I can't say I even noticed I didn't have it?
Worst can you could add an after market one one! there's enough guys about and photos online with them added :)


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