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15x7 . do these fit ?


I have sourced some bbs mahle wheels .

Will 15  x 7 ET13 Fit a g40


I doubt it,

I used to run 13x6 BBS mahles with ET13 and they hit the calipers so had to run spacers which in turn meant they stuck out.. so no doubt 7J will be worse off not to mention them rubbing on your arches.

I ran 15x7 ET30's for a short while with 165/45/15's on and it wasn't nice for the arches or to drive.

Ok thanks

Doesn't mean it's not possible! your suspension setup will be a big factor in it..

Here's one on some 15's.. I suspect alot of arch work has been involved. I also ran 14x6 Mahles ET13 with 155/55/14 which didn't last long!;

Pretty cool

Big Eric:
Regarding 15x7 Wheels.
                                   I have OZ 15X7 Super Leggera Light Alloy Racing Wheels fitted to my G with Toyo Proxes 195/45/15 boots
                                   Fitted over 280mm G60 Discs and Calipers. Ihave had no Arch Rubbing or bad handling with this set up.
                                   The 15x7 wheel offset will make a difference depending on the type of wheel fitted.


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