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My G40, bought last year after spotting an ad on this site;

POLO G40 SUPERCHARGED by Paulo660, on Flickr


POLO G40 SUPERCHARGED  1991 by Paulo660, on Flickr

Original G40, just over 91,000 miles. It was brought into Ireland in 2007 from London/Kent area.
Jobs done since owning;
A539's fitted.
Exhaust mid box replaced with straight through pipe.
G40 badges fitted. Had to make do with a front one for the rear.
Stereo/hands free kit fitted.


First car by Paulo660, on Flickr

My first car, at 17 years of age. 1.0L 45bhp. Lowered with a full Spax kit. Big exhaust. K&N filter and plugs. Sparco pedals, you get the picture.

Nice G40, looks smart. is it your daily driver?


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