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6n2 GTI seats
« on: May 03, 2017, 07:44:36 am »
Hi all,

I need to swap the front seats as the driver's left side bolster is down to the metal frame.
I went through the seat topics here and the Club Polo forum and saw the possible solutions... and renewal is almost is out of reach. Shame.

Fine Corrado and Mk2 Golf seats are impossible to get over here in Hungary, so decided to go the 6n2-way as there are a couple GTI of sets around the net.

My only question is: Is it s direct and correct replacement?

I'm 6'3 and in need to adjust a bit when I sit in to have a bit of head room even the seat is in the lowest position. Will the seating height remain the same?
Will the seating position remain the same (I mean no offset to the steering wheel or something else that can be disturbing)?

Would the rears also fit?

Any help is welcome!


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Re: 6n2 GTI seats
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2017, 02:09:37 pm »
I can't comment on fitment I'm afraid. Try looking here and going through a few variants to see if the part numbers match for subframes and seats. If they match then it's the same part used on both and therefore you will know they fit.

Corrado seats are by far the best in my opinion. They have a lower subframe and sit about 2-3cm lower. I'm the same height and find standard polo seats to be too high on the lowest setting with a sunroof. Not so bad without a sunroof (bearable).

If you ever spot something in the UK and need to get it sent over I'm happy to help out. Don't mind helping a fellow G40 enthusiast! I've seen plenty of things abroad in the past and wished I had a contact there to make things easier.

I am also (casually, ie when I remember) looking for Corrado seats.

Another option you have is to buy a new bolster or another seat with good bolsters, unstitch it and fit the new bolster then restitch it / fit new material. I've yet to do it but intend on doing so when I fit my £30 heated seat kit from ebay! :D (got an OEM 5 setting VW switch so it looks factory ;) )