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Need Help!!!!
« on: April 02, 2017, 09:41:35 pm »
Hi guys, My grandad bought a brand new Tornado Red Polo G40 back in 1992. He loved the car, shortly after buying it my nan bought him a private plate for the car. K17 KJH. When he sold the car he sold it with the plate on which didn't please my nan at all!!! My Grandads birthday is coming up in June and I really want to find him either, or the car or the plate.

It would mean the world to him if I could get either back for him.

Pictures of the car are attached, the last thing I know is that it was Sorn back in 2015 and there was a user on here who added his car to the G40 register on 2014 (tried to dm him but he was last active back in 2015). I know the plate is still on the car but not sure where the car is.

If anyone has any information or knows someone who has the car or anything please let me know.

Thank you