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my white mk3 squareback gt
« on: January 25, 2009, 05:22:34 pm »
hello all.

new to clubg40, dont own one, what one but money and all that!
so i thought i would post up some pics off my squareback gt.

my mk3 white gt squareback:
the day i bought her, getting the exhaust done!

the day after buying her, my mate had a set of lowering springs laying around so:

got some 15inch vw wheels and wanted to do something out there:

didnt like the way she drove on 15's so went back to 13"gt steels

got some money together and bought a phil j 80-60 kit with lowering caps, and fitted some new alloys to my gf golf and got her 14" steels so:

shes runnning:

1275cc gt enigne,
g40 exhaust manifold and decat down pipe, with straight tho system with a ashley 4" back box,
gasket matched g40 inlet manifold, but will be going back to a now gasket match gt inlet.
mk2 golf gti afm,
cda air filter with cold air feed,
polished and de-wedged tb,
8,000rpm chip,

phil j 80-60 kit
10mm lower caps
front upper and lower strut braces
rear upper strut brace

14inch vw golf driver steels
mk3 driver out hub caps

so what you think?