Author Topic: Standard clutches - what are they rated for?  (Read 670 times)

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Standard clutches - what are they rated for?
« on: December 16, 2016, 03:15:22 pm »
Aye aye! I was overtaking someone, going from 4-5th I think it was and couldn't engage 5th. Pulled over, pissed about, yada yada yada. I can get all gears as normal if the engine is off, as soon as it's running it's like the clutch isn't disengaging. I turned it off, stuck it in 1st and started it in gear with throttle, drove home fine doing clutchless changes up and down, no crunching or force needed to engage/ disengage gears. Pedal feels fine, arm moves as it should, even max. adjusted it in case it had stretched the cable or something....

That was in.....May? I think? It#s sat since then, looking at pulling the box off and doing the clutch, on to my question (at last!);

What power and torque figures are standard clutches good for? What's the weak point? There was no sign of any issues for me, just literally stopped working on an enthusiastic drive through the lanes. So now I'm looking at replacing it, I'm thinking just bung another standard £40 clutch in and see how she fares! I started to take a leisurely look about and found G40 clutches seem to be about £150+ for performance ones of varying standards, just wondering if it's needed or not? Who has actually fitted a standard clutch then regretted it and why? No idea what power I'm on, circa 150bhp I reckon (stage 4, small pulley, toothed belt, 4 branch (shit one) not the best exhaust system, ind kit, BRV d/c'd, 1341 engine, std head, ropey (ie not the correct) map on the chip, previous owner said "it needs remapped to take advantage of the mods" (pinch of salt in my mind!). Don't plan on making it much more powerful as it'll just become an exercise in chasing numbers, resulting in a crap road car (I treat it like a car not an ornament!), which I'm looking forward to doing 400miles/wk of fast road driving (lanes, B roads, occasional A road)

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Re: Standard clutches - what are they rated for?
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2017, 04:24:11 am »
mine did 50k miles on a standard LuK clutch with no issues really and thats with quite a modified engine.  release bearing spat its dummy in manchester so i brought a drivetorque stage 2 clutch and that wouldnt handle any boost whatsoever. just slipped like a bastard so im as confused as you.