Author Topic: Need your help guys  (Read 3329 times)

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Need your help guys
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:55:18 pm »
So to cut a long story short , I am fed up with a mate taking the piss that my car is shit.

Time to get tough and make some changes.

What air filter do you recommend and what size ?

How do you remove the carbon filter ?

How to make a nice supercharger noise?

Time for my polo to shine :)

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Re: Need your help guys
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2016, 09:12:03 am »
i had a jabba sport cone filter on mine,
as for charger whine noise youre not going to get it without an eaton conversion, then itll just get on your nerves.
if I was you fuck what your mate thinks and keep it stock.
its going to cost you a small fortune to make some changes

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Re: Need your help guys
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2016, 12:27:17 am »
The Jabba sport filter kit is probably the best looking one out there. Comes with a heat sheild, adaptor for the charger etc. Just sticking a cone filter in place of the airbox looks a bit gash I think.
Carbon canister just 2 x 10mm bolts hold it in. Pull it out and chuck it. There is a line that goes back to the fuel tank, leave the open to atmosphere.
A toothed belt kit will give you a bit more supercharger noise. But most come with a 65mm pulley, ideally you'll need a new chip (see the guys at PPP) and also charger rebuilds will become more frequent.

But if your G40 is reliable enough as it is then who cares what your mates think? As long as it makes you happy that is what matters.

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Re: Need your help guys
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2016, 11:50:59 pm »
As a recent active forum user I should probably keep quiet & earn some respect but as a G40
'Old guard' I'll offer the following thoughts / opinion...

1) Your mate probably owns an Evo, or a new car of some description - possibly even VW... Who knows, or cares.

2) You own a G & therefore must have an element of 'can do' about you because otherwise you'd have bought something far less needy. Therefore your mate is even further off the mark.

3) I have a chip & pulley mod, but I'm looking to put the stock stuff back on... Why? Well, because my piece of shit 06 Ibiza FR 130  tdi is quicker but boring & I want a stock ish G to make me smile & smile & smile, not smile & bang. I've literally spent the whole day today re-fitting the charcoal canister & stock breather set up... Yes - I'm an idiot!


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Re: Need your help guys
« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2016, 08:00:07 am »
I'd agree with Gilly. Stock G is the best way unless you've got very deep pockets. I still remember being surprised at how quick my stock G felt when I first got it (and I'd had modified G's before). It's all about how you drive it. If you slap the pedal to the floor and expect to be amazed, it's not really the car to have. If you modulate the throttle and push it progressively through a set of twists, it feels like it keeps giving a bit more and builds power in a nice manner.

I also have recently bought a Skoda Fabia VRS 130 PS. It's probably as quick in certain areas as my G. Delivers power in a very different manner, but I find myself being suprised at the speeds it'll hit on certain stretches of road and when comparing with my fairly modified G it's pretty on par.

This car however is suited to stamp on the throttle type driving being a modern TDi with electric throttle. The Skoda also stops really well, but handling is not great. The G wins all day on that front.

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Re: Need your help guys
« Reply #5 on: May 01, 2017, 11:07:25 am »
I know it's old, I've just read it though.

To add to the above, I broke a gearbox in my grey G40, got an Ibiza cupra pd160. Went like fuck, the world would go by very fast in there, didn't feel it though. Drove it for two years before getting another g40 and holy fuck it's a different world. So much more alive in a g40. I get to drive all sorts of fancy cars for my daily job and have done for various jobs over the years, I'm now 33 and STILL keep coming back to polos, I got a gt for a daily and will soon be back to the g40, can't wait! They're so fun and the feedback is amazing in them compared to a modern commuter box.

But yeah, for noise get toothed pullies belt, not v belts or 5pk 7pk, sepentine or anything else. Smaller pulley increases boost at lower revs, remove your recurs pipe off the left side of the throttle body as you look at the engine and blank off or attach air filter to the secondary charger intske for a little psht noise when you got full boost and lift off. You can also play tunes with it as you drive along 😉