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Are there any recommended settings for doing the geometry on subframes? I set tracking to zero degrees which massively helped, wheelbase appears to be correct (3mm different one side to the other) but the car still pulls left/right, it feels as though all 4wheels are loose. I've obviously missed something somewhere or am setting it incorrectly? I've searched for guides but there's that much written about them it's a bit time consuming trawling through it all.

Also set tyre pressures 34 on the front, 28 rear (195/45/14 rainstorm 2's). I'm not sure on wheel spec, will update later. Borbet 5 spokes....

what's the camber & castor angles like?

I haven't checked them, gonna borrow some other gauges today and see. I've only got the front adjuster on mine, didn't get the lower arm upgrade. I've just realised I have none G40 bits (CL conversion) so perhaps the lower arm bushes are worn

We always recommend a nylon outer bush and the G40 TCA with the frames. If it's second hand check also if there's play in the rose joints (details for replacements in our section on here)

Camber you'll have minimal scope to adjust with a standard top mount/tca, so once you've confirmed healthy bushes/rose joints, I'd set the castor (and toe again) and retest.

Check the OSF ARB mount is tight too  ;)


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