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H461 ERP - A German right hand imported G40
« on: March 13, 2015, 10:43:11 pm »
Hi all,

I thought it was finally about time i documented some progress on my G40 rather than having random pictures scattered between various devices that will eventually be lost. Firstly, a bit of back ground after owning various rusty, unreliable problematic mk2f GT's natural progression meant i would end up owning a rusty, unreliable problematic G40. I don't know what it is about them maybe because my first car was a 1991 GT, resprayed in a silvery blue that i paid too much for the bug bit. I can't quite put my finger on what it is about the shape that makes them look so good but i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. After the general first car ownership of more stickers and other tasteless mods, mechanical issues and general annoyance with the car meant that something newer was needed. In the form of a 6n2 GTI which would be the daily choice while the GT was discarded on my parents drive. After driving the GTI around for a while enjoying the luxury of no rattles, no leaky battery tray, not cutting out at traffic light, heated leathers for some reason i had to have another GT (even though i had a "perfectly good" one sitting on the drive.)

With the money raised i purchased a black GT from a lad in Leek, the drive back was amazing and over the original GT this had a 4 branch manifold with a straight through to back box exhaust, mk2 golf GTI AFM, dewedged and ported throttle body, 8k chip so naturally it felt like a rocket ship. Unfortunately ownership of this was short as with my better half going to university in Bath a two and a half hour drive with 13 inch wheels and a straight through exhaust every other weekend was not going to be an enjoyable experience. So the car was sold to a local lad who had a G40 engine to put in it, in its place because i had my "sensible" head on i bought the most inefficient car i could aside from a VR6, a mk3 16v GTI.

The GTI transported me to and from bath in relative comfort without drinking an obscene amount of petrol, during ownership of the GTI my original GT was sold and then written off by the new owner :(. During the summer the mk3 bug bit again and i decided i needed to have another, which came in the form below

Complete with a stripped out rear and just a bucket seat, harness and steering wheel it made a great weekend toy. Unfortunately this was short lived thanks to a white van man cutting me up at a round about the consequences of this was spinning hitting a lamp post and bending the inner wing. At this point i was done with Mk2fs that was the last one i was done. Over time the car was eventually broken, wheels, suspension, seat, engine and carbs were sold. I sold the mk3 GTI and bought another 6n2 GTI.

This brings the story up too last year, where naturally progression and money burning a hole in my pocket meant that i had to have a G40 in either black or red. Trawling edition38, here, club polo and other sits proved unsuccessful in finding a G40 that was either reasonably priced or relatively local until my current purchase popped up for sale near Oxford. A friend saw the advert on facebook sent me the link, contact was made with the owner and viewing was arranged. Armed with a deposit on a day of torrential rain i went to view it. Just as advertised here are some pictures on the day of viewing.

The test drive didn't exactly go to plan resulting in the exhaust falling off the hangers about a mile down the road. Not deterred a deposit was paid and the car was collected a week or so later.

1.3 Supercharged right hand drive import from Germany. The car was owned by a member of the British military serving in Germany the car was ordered from new as right hand drive, assuming with the intention of exporting back to England. The car came with a shoe box full of history including the original purchase and import documents coupled with a wealth of paperwork from past MOT's and current work.

Old pics :)

During the previous owners ownership the car was written off as a Cat C, the car was bought back and due to the previous owner working in accident repair the car was repaired to a very high standard. During this time the engine was rebuilt with the wiring fed through the wing to clean up the engine bay, the washer bottle was also moved to the boot and the engine bay freshly painted.

During this time the engine was also treated to:

Painted block, charger, alternator and gearbox
Full head rebuild with replacement
Replaced stem seals
Re-seated valves
6n head gasket
New cambelt and water pump
Charger rebuild by G werks
65mm pully
Jabbasport chip.

Further engine specs include a custom induction kit ran behind the front bumper with an air filter sitting in a hole where the front fog light would be if it had them, a GT inlet mainfold, polished and dewedged throttle body and a full stainless manifold and exhaust.

With the car collected and the exhaust held on with cable ties, it went straight into the garage where i had my full Powerflow system fitted from my old carb'd GT which replaced the old system. The next day resulted in a full clean inside and out, something which i think everyone does when they buy a new car. The Modernlines were taken off as these were destined for my daily as i had a set of special wheels waiting for the G40, in the mean time it sat on a fresh set of P Slots

The wheels....

O.Z Turbos 2 piece splits rebuilt by myself
Powdercoated centers with a oil dripped bolts
Hand polished dishes
Nankang NSII 165/50/15

With the wheels on there was only one slight issue bugging me, the car would be fairly temperamental when starting.  This was down to a faulty fuel pump relay causing the fuel pump not to prime when turning the key. With replacements seeming out of stock everywhere the only place i could find one was MaxRMP a German company with a price that was not pleasant to pay. Either was the part arrived on time and the issue was fixed. A few other niggles were also sorted such as this missing lower trim on passenger side and general cleaning.

The offending item..

Engine bay Shot

The car has just been brought back out after spending winter under a car port. Plans include fitting a lower strut brace, PPP (i believe) rear gear box mount, heat wrap manifold, a service and to just enjoy :)