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Based in west Leeds:
Butterbowl Works
Ring Road
West Yorkshire
LS12 5AJ
Contact: 0113 263 2073

Came recommended by a few people, top set of blokes, gearbox was stripped and rebuilt with a few new seals and the whole box closed and sealed for £100 all in.
was ready to pick up the next day.

price and service was top notch

gaz g40:
Nice set of blokes arnt they! I hate it when you go to an engineering place an you get that vibe where they cant be arsed an are snotty.

Could you list what seals they replaced?

Be good to know as JP at Silverstone usually charge £250 for this.

gaz g40:
I paid 150 for my new diff fitting. They gave the box a once over aswell. Changed a seal that was damaged getting to the diff?

He changed the unit thing with 2 springs that keeps the gearshift upright, and the selector seal, and another larger seal that i wasn't familiar with. He also threw in a spare selector seal and took a few minutes to explain how i should go about changing it when it starts leaking. If that isn't top customer service then i dont know what is.

We also chatted about oils and he suggested the cheapest 10/40 mineral oil (own brand morrybob) for these boxes, the higher viscosity helps the synchros


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