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Chassis dimensions
« on: July 12, 2013, 11:08:03 pm »
hey everyone!

I've been looking for this information for a while, but I can't find anything that really answers this questions.
I see a few people asking, but realy not much info.

perhaps because of all the differences between cars, maybe I'm wrong, but with the time and miles passing by, some of the chassis dimensions have changed...

right now, I'm having a problem with the car "eating" the front tires on the inside, the wheel alignment seems good but it looks like a camber problem... since I don't have any "camber adjusment" parts, I can only assume that is a bent chassis...
does anyone can supply me the acurate size from the top of the shock towers ?
maybe the size of OMP top strut bar, or something like that  ...

Any ideas to solve this ?

thanks !