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Title: Josh's G40 Turbo
Post by: josé on September 01, 2012, 02:03:55 pm
Hello everyone after nearly two years in the making i have nearly finished my G40 turbo project after re-shelling my original g40,

I bought the car as a rolling shell some of you may recognize the registration number, Soon after i got it i replaced the front wings as these were  knackered and looked a mess where somebody had hacked the lip with a grinder, I had some solid doors with no rot anywhere that i fitted and treated the car to a re-spray, unfortunately i can't find the pictures at the moment so will upload these when i find them, Once the re-spray was completed i re-shelled my old G40 J218 KFE into this car my reason for doing this was due very bad rot around the car (Drivers Floor pan, inner and outer sills, Rear valance, and boot floor) and also the drivers side chassis leg had seen better days. The paintwork was also looking tired and ideally wanted a re-spray to get the car back to former glory so when this shell came up which is solid with no rot or welding required i transferred all the bits over.

The spec is as follows:
Engine and gearbox
Standard bottom end and head with Newman 268/268 'turbo spec' cam
GT inlet manifold
51mm Throttle body with 6psi pressure switch in place of WOT switch.
G60 250cc injectors
Front mount intercooler
Mocal oil cooler
KKK K03 turbo
Rothe Manifold
PSD downpipe mated to a PPP exhaust system.
Rebuilt ATV with gripper LSD
Engine currently running No boost until its mapped.

KW springs and shocks unknown spring rates, with new top mounts, wheel bearings, and G-laderseite TCA bushes
G-laderseite rear beam bushes.
PPP stage 3 subframe

Wheels and brakes
14" BBS RA refurbished with Audi 256mm Calipers

Standard unfaded interior with Stack Wideband Lambda sensor, boost gauge and oil pressure gauge.

Standard with late spec rear lights and clear indicators and side repeaters.

Things left to do:
Sort an annoying misfire.
Re-fit the arch and sill trim blacken the bumpers and a general tidy up of a few things i'm not happy with. Get it re-mapped with PPP with uprated map sensor and 310cc injectors and then give it a good thrash. ;D

So here's a few pics just after its MOT last week,
any comments and feedback is much appreciated.
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: josé on September 15, 2012, 07:09:10 pm
Here's a pic of the car when i was fitting the arch and sill kit(

The first wash since the car was painted.

Just after with all trim blackened.



I used some Mcguires tyre shine for the bumpers trim to get it back to black and shiny, What does everyone else use??

Thing left to do are remove the exhaust and chop the downpipe because the exhaust is vibrating against the rear valance and makes a right noise.
Remove some overspray from the rear window.
Fit CD player under the dash.

Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: Jester on September 16, 2012, 07:30:48 pm
Hello!..I like this, very smart and shiny!
Nice to see it's kept fairly standard looking externally, looking really cool now the arch kit & trim is back on, do you think you'll return to the 'vw' badge grill?
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: g40will on September 16, 2012, 10:04:43 pm
very nice looking g :)) i use peanut oil for my trim comes up lovely i get mine from morrisons about £2/1l 
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: Jester on September 17, 2012, 08:20:49 am
very nice looking g :)) i use peanut oil for my trim comes up lovely i get mine from morrisons about £2/1l 

I used to use boiled oil with a sponge but over time it made the bumpers all weird and sticky almost, I've been using this for a while;
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: josé on September 17, 2012, 07:45:24 pm
cool i might look into getting some of that stuff, I was thinking of getting a vw badge grill one becasue all but one clip is broken on the grill at the moment, but i think the one at the minute gives the little car a meaner looking front end as if to say i can still give you a run for your money.  :)

I do like your G though Jester especially with the orange indicators and subtle window tints.

Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: diggersg40 on May 12, 2013, 10:27:43 am
wow my old g40 back on the road i do miss it

looks really nice mate
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: breadman on May 12, 2013, 06:47:54 pm
That looks immaculate Josh, really like that.
Nice and subtle too, good work mate.
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: Alex on May 13, 2013, 12:25:28 am
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo Project
Post by: josé on May 14, 2013, 10:32:52 pm
thanks guys

hope to update it with some more pictures of the engine bay and interior soon when i have time to upload them and a spec/change,

also hope to hit some shows with it this summer weather dependent.....

Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo
Post by: josé on August 29, 2015, 09:34:11 am
Update time!!!!

Since I first started this there have been a lot of the changes to my polo,
 Over the winter I took the engine out and beefed up the chassis leg gussets and stitch welded the engine bay and repainted,

The gripper LSD has gone and now have a quaife ATB diff fitted to a standard box much better and less snatchy than the gripper, also fitted a new CG paddle clutch while at it,

Badge less grille replaced with a standard one and Amber indicators fitted,

I have also dropped the spec of the car because a stage 3 subframe and coilovers were way overkill for the occasional road blast I do In the polo, I bought some GAZ coil overs but sold them and returned to the KW shocks and springs and a stage 2 subframe.

I also sold the Audi 256mm brakes and 14" BBS and returned to 13" with 239 brakes with DS2500 pads and drilled discs, I was sure on the colour of the wheels but I think they well with the car.

I have also replaced the front bumper and fitted a more 'stealthy' intercooler and alloy rad. I've probably missed a load of bits,

Anyway here are some recent pictures:-

( (

( (

( (

( (
 No intercooler hiding behind here  ;)

( (

( (

( (

( (
Nice unfaded rear bench!!

I will upload some more pictures soon once I have done a few little jobs on the old girl.

Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo
Post by: josé on January 01, 2021, 04:14:12 pm
So whilst I lurk in the background, the car has mainly been kept in the garage for the last few years probably little over 1k miles in the last 5 years looking at the last MOT's.

Apart from the odd spirited drive and day out with the mrs as above the car didn't really get used.

I have now owned my red G40 turbo for over 10 years now, every year I deliberate with the idea of selling the polo and moving in a more 'modern' direction. Various cars have appealed to me as a reasonable replacement for the polo with a focus more toward trackdays. The reason for a track focused approach is because I have a company car and the polo is the 'toy' car so comfort, MPG quiet etc is/was never important. I seriously contemplated a clio 197 as out of the box it should stand head and shoulders above the polo handling wise but lack of straight-line speed was always a negative to having one and didn't fancy the hassle of shoe horning a megane 225 into one. Then there is the weight of one at 1200kg which is 50% heavier than the polo with only a marginal power increase on what I already have (just guessing as never RR'd it) which put me off as for some reason I always compare weights to the polo's.

In July, me, my brother and 2 of his mates booked an august bank holiday trackday weekend at Blyton Park, yes Saturday and Sunday of pure thrashing. The reason for booking the full weekend was Oulton was £250 for a Saturday (not long after lockdown ended so prices were stupid) and Blyton was 280 for both days.

In February of this year we went to Oulton Park for a track day (the polo didn't make it to this so i was purely a spectator/passenger). Que the mass spending by my brother and his mates on new suspension full geo set ups etc. In the meantime i spent £300 on Nankang AR-1 185/60/13 tyres, oil and filter change and did a bolt check on the polo and I was set.

The cars that went were the G40, my brother in his 385hp Honda civic type r EP3 turbo (which rinses the polo i might add with over double the power but 400kg heavier) if only the polo had another 80hp  ;D . Fiesta Zetec S (2000 shape) with ST170 with ITB's circa 240hp (similar weight to the polo with more power so should be quicker but never met him on track for some reason to see how this compared to the polo  >:( . Focus ST mk2 ramapped to 260hp again never met this on track but the lad can drive so saved me making my excuses afterwards so would be quicker than me I expect as i'm not the best driver on track.

During the weekend there were several very quick cars on track and a couple of worthy replacements for the polo, EK9 civic type r and DC5 integra type r which were driven rather tamely which was a disappointment as I couldn't really compare the polo to these. A Clio 197 cup was met on track to which i was severely disappointed with as the owner caught up with me afterward saying he was 'giving it everything' and couldn't get near. Needless to say I won't be getting a 197  ;D  a better driver in the 197 should have passed me.

A few scalps from the weekend were a time attack ST focus mk2 which took a good session to finally pass the polo. I could also keep pace with an E92 M3 and M135i which made the weekend even more enjoyable.

In truth a track day isn't really a good comparison for cars as the driving ability of each driver varies dramatically and I include myself in that purely for the fact that I don't drive the car nearly enough let alone on track to be comfortable in finding the cars limits etc. having said that I believed in the AR-1's far too much but thats what they were bought for and the best £300 I've spent on the car in regard to handling and once warmed up they were immense.

The polo didn't miss a beat all weekend, the Honda melted the scuttle tray which is mounted directly behind the turbo so had to do a track day bodge on that with reflective tape  ;D, the Fiesta from memory also ran fault free apart from a slight misfire. The focus popped a CV boot which ended his Sunday early.

So in short I don't think I will parting with the polo just yet.

My GoPro packed up so didn't get any videos but got some pictures from Javelin:-
Title: Re: Josh's G40 Turbo
Post by: josé on January 01, 2021, 04:19:30 pm
more pics:-