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Title: G40003 chip/ G60 injectors
Post by: Caskill on January 06, 2020, 10:36:11 am
Hi everyone. Been struggling for the past 4 months or so trying to get my rebuilt g40 engine to run in my breadvan but keep having idling/low revs running issues. I specced the car up to run the G40003 chip from PPP using G60 injectors, and after testing and replacing everything I could I was still getting the same issue. Just yesterday I stuck the standard injectors on and a fahrvergnugen chip I had on and it ran spot on once the ignition timing and idle was set.

There must be a few people that have run this chip with no issues? My injectors seem to be in good order from a quick spray check but they seem to be what's causing the issue. One thing I have noticed from a quick look online is that there seems to be two different nozzle styles on G60 greens as you can see here (2nd pic in - I'm at work so can't upload)

The ones I have are the type on the left that appear slightly longer with the bare steel tip. Will this likely be the cause of my problems? Interested to hear your thoughts as I'm pretty scunnered with this thing at the moment

Title: Re: G40003 chip/ G60 injectors
Post by: dazzle53 on January 06, 2020, 12:10:44 pm
I had some issues last year with the g40003 chip. I ordered a new one then managed to find one I had from 10 years back. The old one works perfectly (and is still in the car now) but the new one did not. Managed to get a replacement sent out and it also didn’t work. You could hear the coil trying to fire the second the ignition was turned on.

both the new ones where sent back and testing but no issue found. In the end I was refunded for the chip.

Hope this helps you diagnose your issue. 
Title: Re: G40003 chip/ G60 injectors
Post by: Caskill on January 06, 2020, 05:13:25 pm
Thanks for the info mate, might be worth me looking for an older one if that's the case which isn't so handy. Could you get the car to run at all with the new chip?
Title: Re: G40003 chip/ G60 injectors
Post by: Yoof on January 06, 2020, 09:13:21 pm
Evening Chaps

These are two discrete issues- and are not relevant to each other.

In one instance (dazzle) the engine would not start, in the second instance (Caskill) it runs, albeit poorly.

For background dazzle’s new chip had exactly the same bin as his existing one, I could not for the life of me fathom why it would not work, hence trying a second and third time before ultimately calling time and refunding the poor chap!

Don’t waste money hunting an ‘old’ version of this map, unlike cheese, these chips don’t mature with age  ;)

Caskill- when you say the injectors look okay after a quick spray check, have you had these tested and cleaned? Original G60 injectors are now 30 years old...


Title: Re: G40003 chip/ G60 injectors
Post by: Caskill on January 07, 2020, 08:25:59 am
Hi Pete, cheers for getting back

A proper clean & test has been on my mind for a while now - its actually the reason I took the injectors out in the first place before trying out the standard ones again. I've also found a set with the different tips - not sure if these are any different or not but I bought them anyway and will send them off with my ones and play about with them to see what works best.

Is there any other potential issues you can think of?