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Title: 22mm master cylinder in a mk2; has anyone actually done this!
Post by: DaBigGinger on December 07, 2016, 07:53:18 am
I've acquired a set of 256mm calipers and the relevant carriers for my Mk2 and understand fitting a 22mm master cylinder is a good idea to reduce the pedal travel. From searching around, I've seen various threads whereby if a 22mm master cylinder is to be fitted to a Mk2, the push rod from the brake pedal must be shortened and the reservoir fitted back to front so that it clears the bulkhead. I've just been having a few thoughts regarding this:
1. I was wondering has anyone actually done this with success?
2. Did you just cut the push rod down a bit and weld it back together? Or are there off the shelf push rods that are suitable replacements?
3. If there are no off the shelf parts, it strikes me as a better idea to make a spacer to move the master cylinder forwards a little. Has the spacer method been tried and was it successful?
4. Is there much adjustability in the push rod?
Thanks in advance!