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Title: Turbo Noob Questions
Post by: kwijibo_coupe on March 20, 2015, 04:53:36 am
Hey guys,

I think I'm close to having all the parts I need for my turbo conversion on the GT/G40.

Just got a few questions I need answered if some of the experts can help.

Turbo oil lines first.
I'm using a GT25 turbo I have all the water line fittings I need but I don't have any of the oil line fittings. I have no idea on thread sizes on the turbo itself, I know the Polo head is M10x1. Is it possible to use the standard G40 line with a banjo to fit the GT25? Or will I need a line made up? If so does it need a restrictor? Can anyone recommend a place to get lines made up?
Return line, I have a sump with a fitting in it for the return. Is it just a case of finding a fitting for the turbo and joining it to the sump with a piece of rubber hose?

Blow off valves.
I was thinking of just taking off the BRV butterfly on the G40 throttle body and sticking a BOV on the end of that. Would that work or am I better having the BOV before the throttle? Also what BOVs would you guys recommend?

General setup (Hopefully the PPP guys can help here)
With the parts I have just now the current setup would go something like this:

Standard PY head and block
GT25 Turbo
51mm throttle body
GT inlet with 6psi boost switch
268/268 cam
Larger map sensor
Actuator set to 1Bar
G60 injectors

I've got 2 chips that I can try just to get the car running, the only thing I know about them is they are turbo chips set to 1Bar of boost. Will I be safe enough using one of those chips just to get the car running and driving? Once I'm happy it is all working fine what is the best route to go down to getting it mapped properly? Will you guys at PPP be able to make me up a chip to suit or would you ideally need the car?

Is there anything about the setup that you guys would change?

Any advice, comments etc. about any of the above will be greatly appreciated.


Title: Re: Turbo Noob Questions
Post by: kwijibo_coupe on March 26, 2015, 05:13:22 pm
No one?
Title: Re: Turbo Noob Questions
Post by: grungeisdead on March 26, 2015, 06:35:43 pm
couple of threads that have some useful info from when I was running the setup

Good to see your getting stuck in now lad
Title: Re: Turbo Noob Questions
Post by: kwijibo_coupe on March 26, 2015, 07:54:30 pm
Cheers for that Saf,

Been looking everywhere but haven't seen those threads, should come in handy.

Hopefully get it all done and sorted soon :)