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I'd like to in the end if i Dont get joy thanks 10^6 but I'm too skint to be able to cover even the post let alone a replacement if that gets blown..
What im most interested in at the mo is the co pot value.. just a thought, is yours adjustable? Am i supposed to drill it out.?could you nip on yours and tell me the ecu voltage reading at rest.. i can change it with resistors, but what should it be?
Its still labouring at 3k just sat on the driive, i bet a run out'd do it good..
And I've got to check the oil pressure, I'll order a meter kit next giro day :-)
Electrical / Re: G40 Starter motor setup
« Last post by AdzCM on Today at 09:20:22 am »
Cheers mate, I’ll have another look today though it felt fine when I was fitting it. Had a protective sheath around it.

Wanted / Working fuel pressure regulator
« Last post by Mark Millington on Yesterday at 06:39:27 pm »
Hello fellas I'm.after a working fuel pressure regulator if anyone has one. Thanks Mark
General Car Chat / Re: Mocal Catch tank
« Last post by Jester on Yesterday at 04:33:05 pm »
^^ same just a filter on mine too.
General Car Chat / Re: Mocal Catch tank
« Last post by hayesey on Yesterday at 03:34:27 pm »
I just have a filter on mine. 
General Car Chat / Mocal Catch tank
« Last post by tomsuch on Yesterday at 01:28:18 pm »
Hi guys.
Fitted a mocal catch tank last night, obviously the breather pipe from the pod at the back of the block goes to one Union on the catch tank, but, what has everyone got on the the other outlet? Just an open end? Or a breather filter? Or does anyone run a pipe back into another breather pipe?
General Car Chat / Re: Short g40 driveshaft .. what diameter?
« Last post by ereeiz on Yesterday at 11:31:37 am »
Might be worth approaching a local engineering company, if it's a "project", i.e. you're not in a rush for it then someone might fancy doing it as a weekend / after hours job to learn, it might work out reasonably priced. Especially if they can then use the learning to bang a few more out and make easy money.
Electrical / Re: G40 Starter motor setup
« Last post by ereeiz on Yesterday at 11:29:08 am »
Check the cable on its run around the sump, they like to go all hard and crusty then snap. Worth replacing if they're worn!
Electrical / Re: Unknown fault code, are any of these measurements well off?
« Last post by ereeiz on Yesterday at 11:26:54 am »
Do you want to borrow my ECU? I don't have a spare one but I've yet to touch it since the gearbox shat itself, so realistically it'll probably be another month or something until I get round to doing something. It's got an aftermarket /PPP (not sure) chip in it I think but you're welcome to try it?
Engine and Transmission / Re: Drawing for the intake?
« Last post by ereeiz on Yesterday at 11:22:57 am »
It looks like there's no PY specific drawing on there, just the general "other Polo's" drawing. Sometimes happens.

Might be worth just taking yours off, it's only half an hours work. May be worth getting a new gasket first though, I read a few people having issues with reusing them.

Polo intake system (non-G40 but does reference G40 parts numbers, look for "PY");

Charge-cool system;

Pictures of real life ported throttle body;
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