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Getting somewhere i hope Steeve!! :-)

I do get a decent lambda controlled level wavey signal straight from go almost on mine, if i disable the immobiliser with a clothes peg inside the steering column ive found this week. The heater 12 powers the coil and pump etc too.. with a big fat wire straight from the battery to it negates the clothes peg.!!
There's no wait for that nice lambda control wave, mine's not waiting for coolant temperature for it to be working but i can see it's probably tweaked with temperature..

But all my fiddling comes back to the immobilser. Its a vw one but i bet the vw loom extension didn't follow with the last body.!! Ive stuck a staple where it's on/off line would be.

There's strange spikes all over the trace with the engine running just without the peg on, wouldn't be surprised if the dizzy is throwing big noise out..
If it were mine I'd stick 2 x fat wires to the dizzy and o2 power feed
And try feeding the ignition key with a jumplead. !!

Good fun i hope, were halfway through spraying again but no more until spring!
:-) x 10^6
Torque setting for the bellhousing to gearbox casing fasteners is 18 lb/ft for anyone who doesn’t have a Haynes workshop manual. The service and repair manuals doesn’t have this information.
Superchargers / G-Lader / Re: help rebuilding g-lader!!!
« Last post by polog40-spain on Yesterday at 06:57:16 pm »
Have a look at this for a starter.

Thanks mate, i have been searching around the forum and couldnt find anything...
Lucky of me that you guys have everything under control  :D

Peteg40 guide made me realize that i have a missing part, so i will have the disassemble the other compressor to make this one run.

Thanks for the help!!! ;)
dont think 12v on the heater will help it ...they only chime in at 80 degree coolant by which time the exhaust has most likley heated it or soon after

you can watch the signal on the vcds
Superchargers / G-Lader / Re: help rebuilding g-lader!!!
« Last post by SamG40 on Yesterday at 12:47:40 pm »
Exterior and Interior / Re: Hello
« Last post by NealPeal on October 15, 2018, 09:13:40 pm »
Hello from Leicester :-D
Cool matey
Electrical / Re: G40 ecu mapping, code readers, diagnostic output
« Last post by NealPeal on October 15, 2018, 08:35:51 pm »
I think this is a very simple one time programmable PGA chip just setup to be a serial - programmer, for a flash chip...… But it came out a car where an e-prom was in it and it and chip never worked again after I touched it, but other chips do.! I'd love to know if shwarze-kat could talk to a chip over the 4 wire header using JTAG, or if it's an I2c interface (ponyProg or a modern MicroChip-Serial-programming kit)

Paul asked if there was any sign of any switches on it for bank-switching but the header wasn't soldered on at all, I stuck that on and tried to find lead I haven't seen for ages to try it, but didn't find it... Any info you can find I'd appreciate..!

All that going in a 25+ year old setup, there's 14pin Pics with more processing power.!

I bet this coud be persuaded to do a similar job, just talk to an SF EE-Prom and make it pretend..

Ok to call you Grungey for quickness mate?
NEAL :-) (Leicester)
Superchargers / G-Lader / help rebuilding g-lader!!!
« Last post by polog40-spain on October 15, 2018, 03:38:41 pm »
Hi everyone,

I'm new in this forum, let me introduce myself : (or save your time about some boring story and jump a few lines down ;) )
I own my polo coupe g40 '92 since 2013, i bought it in holland and it was imported from germany in 2002 if i remember well...
I was pretty happy with it, had some rust in the battery tray, wheel arches and spots under door panels.
Engine was fine, even knowing that the damn CO-poti was failing, never planned to change it because was running fine in cold wheater.
Few years ago, the supercharger lost pressure and i decided to rebuild myself, bought all parts(apex strings, bearings...), opened it and I couldn't remove one of the bearings, so i brought it to a garage and asked if they could do it with some removal tool, tool wouldn't fit and there was no way for them to do it, one guy was around and tried to remove it with a screwdriver and in front of my eyes he broke a piece of the case...
Since then,  supercharger was laying in a box and i had to buy another used one, the car was parked for around a year and now i have kind of the same issue, decrease on boost plus oil inside intercooler, so i assume that the supercharger needs to be serviced.

It is already more than 3 years since i opened the g-lader and i don't remember how to put all back together!!!
Call me stupid, but i can't figure out where goes a tiny ring. (last picture)
Could anyone guide me to the last steps?
I also attached picture from what the bastart smart-looking guy did to the case.

Exterior and Interior / Hello
« Last post by ThomasBiake on October 15, 2018, 01:40:36 pm »
Electrical / Re: G40 ecu mapping, code readers, diagnostic output
« Last post by grungeisdead on October 14, 2018, 06:52:37 pm »
Get me a pic of the chip holder.

I pulled a jabbasport chipped ecu apart and it has a dimsport ( dimensione sport ) key6100 adaptor in it marked 27sf512.

I thought it might be a map switcher as it has 27sf512 stamped on it but it has a 27c256 chip fitted.

I’ve read the chip inside and outside of the holder. When it’s read inside the holder, it’s a 64kb bin and when split into 2 32kb segments, one matches the chip read outside the holder.
However looking at the chip contents, it looks garbage. Every other map load point on the fuelling table it near 0 meaning it was run fully lean on 8 of the 16 graphing points for the MAP value

I have read of a grautec aktiv adaptor used to boost the signal for data tracing in tunerpro, however I managed without it now, and seems to trace ok

Don’t think jabba are still going are they to ask? Couldn’t find too much on the net about dimsport bar a pdf listing my adaptor
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